About Us

The artists that have combined to form the "Yorkshire Rose Artists" are Olive Simmonds, and Jim Humphreys, who produce fine art for sale.

I am a self-taught oil painter, having learnt from books and DVDs by Helen Van Wyk, an American artist. I have always enjoyed drawing from being a child, but it was only when I retired that I started to paint. I tried watercolour and also pastels but with little success, then I was persuaded to try oil paints a medium I loved straight away.
My favourite subjects in order of preference are portraiture, both people and animals, still life, flowers, seascapes and landscapes.
I have recently added modern art to my portfolio some of which can be viewed on this site.
I have sold to art collectors in Australia, America, Turkey and here in the United Kingdom.


Jim has always been interested in art and started to paint 19 years ago during his leisure hours. Since his retirement, he has been able to devote his spare time to his painting.
Jim decided in 2011 to devote his time to honing his skills in pastel painting.His success has resulted in having sold his fine art paintings to collectors in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.
Jim's interest covers most subjects from landscapes to seascapes, still life, military, and also portraits of both people and animals
He is pleased to accept commissions working from good quality photographs.